Monday, October 29, 2012

Country Living Fair 2012

Hello intrepid readers!

I apologize for being gone for so long! If you follow my other blog (and I do hope you will wander over and do so), you'll  know that I've been swamped with finals and papers and all manner of school related insanity!

There are a few new faces here and I want to welcome you all to The Manor! Thank you so much for coming by, commenting, and a big THANK YOU to Ms. Sparrow for introducing me to some wonderful people. I promise to stop by your lovely blog homes soon! Forgive the delay.

Now then:

This weekend, I went to my first ever Country Living Fair* at Stone Mountain Park. WOW. That pretty much sums it up! It was blustery and chilly and oh so perfect for rambling amongst the pine trees and gathering inspiration like so many fallen leaves. I came home with an arm load of pretties and a brain filled to overflowing with ideas and creative ruminations.

There are three Country Living Fairs every year, hosted by various parks and states throughout the country. Country Living Magazine is the mastermind of these lovely festivals and I would encourage all of you to seek one out closest to you next year. It's well worth the price of admission (which, to be honest, isn't bad at all!).

There was so much to look at I understand why they have the fair for three days. This was the first festival I've ever gone to that was filled with booths of items that I adore! Most festivals in the South tend to carry the same items and, unfortunately, they are a far cry from the arts and crafts that I do and enjoy. But Country Living delivered and I'm planning some mad crafting over the next few weeks!

Stay tuned because I plan to blog more often and all those mad crafting ideas will be posted here for your enjoyment. And speaking of enjoyment, here are a few more photos from the fair! Enjoy!

Appropriate for Halloween, don't you think?
I feel a short story coming on...

I think this poor witch got more "trick" than "treat"!

So THAT'S what they're calling it now!

 We bought the tickets for my Mom's birthday; 
I figured it was appropriate to post a picture of her here.
(shhhh, just don't tell her! It'll be more fun if she finds out when she reads the post.)

Have a marvelous day, dear readers! I hope you have all been well. I promise to wander by just as soon as I figure out my two NEW classes which start today! Whew! Have I mentioned how much I'm looking forward to my break in December?

Jen xo

*there is a video that begins to play once you click this link. ugh. sorry! after the first ad you can pause it and avoid any further interruption.


Jennifer said...

I just registered at 7 a.m. today for my spring semester classes, and then had to go to class at 9:30. Sucks, but my schedule next semester will be great. Which means I'll have more time for these lovely things you're showing me.

I really should make it out to more fairs and conventions. I really do love them.

Ms Sparrow said...

Good luck in your new classes. When you're in college, you have to keep your priorities straight. I like your antique photos.

Jen Chandler said...

Jennifer: I understand! Counting the classes I'm taking this term, I have SIX MORE CLASSES until I'm through! The count down has officially begun! Good luck with this semester!

Ms. Sparrow: Thanks a lot! These photos were fun to take. And I was very glad I could take time out of my school schedule to enjoy something fun for a change :)

Maa said...

Hi Jen, just popping in to say a quick hello and a catch up on your blog. My you have been busy!iusmenta Maa