Tuesday, September 4, 2012

findings: just a little thought for a rainy tuesday morning

I honestly couldn't tell you where we found it. A yard sale, perhaps, or a thrift store. But it followed us home and sat patiently in a box for a couple of years before I thought of a use for it. The initial thought was to re-purpose it and sell it. Yesterday, however, I was feeling the need to make our house feel more like a home and this little piece of whimsy came to the rescue:

The photo doesn't do it justice, but it's the best I could do. The chandelier itself is about a foot and a half in diameter. It's made to hold candles and I had considered hanging it over the breakfast table. Instead, it now sits upon the breakfast table, complete with mismatched candles and a little cement bird. I sat up late last night with the candles lit, sipping tea at the table, and enjoying the warmth four little candles can give.

It just goes to show that what you need to feel at home may not be out there waiting for you to find or buy or grab; it may be in a box, in a storage room, covered in dust and waiting to be uncovered and given new life!

Go on, comb through those attics and basements and closets. See what YOU can find to breathe new life into an old breakfast table!

Happy Tuesday!


Ms Sparrow said...

I think it takes an artistic eye to see the possibilities in repurposing an antique. Good job!

Jen Chandler said...

Hi Ms Sparrow,

Thanks for the good thoughts. I really enjoying finding other people's cast offs and turning them into something useful in my own home.

Happy Thursday!

Annie said...

I have lots of small glass bottles that need to be reinvented and evolve into a cluster of posey holders. Hmmm. I feel a new centerpiece coming on.