Thursday, September 6, 2012

books glorious books!

Do you ever find yourself surrounded by too much of a good thing? Yeah, me either. Take my books for example. I have a ton of them. Not as many as I'd like, mind you, but enough to make people do a double take when they first visit.

When we moved, we took the two old bookshelves that I've had since before I moved out of my parents house (read: OOOOOOOLD bookshelves) and retired them to the laundry room for storage. Huzzah! No more old, metal shelves for my precious paper and ink babies. Problem: no shelves for said babies! My books are now piled in the bonus room waiting for shelving to find their way to us:

Did I mention that I have a *few* books in my collection?

It does make for some brilliant fun when I have a hankering to read something specific or I need to look something up. Into the pile I go, head first, with instructions to the husband and the cat on what to do if I don't return in half an hour. "Just stick flowers on the tallest pile," I tell them. It's a fitting memorial to a book lover such as myself.

One of our local bookstores is closing after ten years. Thankfully, the owners are merely retiring and NOT going out of business due to lack of interest in physical books. We've visited more than we should have in the past week but have brought home quite a collection of new lovelies for the collection:

PS: this is the SECOND box-full we brought home! Yikes!

The goal is to turn some of these into something other than just another tome to sit upon a non-existent shelf. Stay tuned for those projects! I've already got one in progress and I'm excited to share with you the end result!

Happy Thursday to you all! 


Ms Sparrow said...

You might try shopping for bookshelves at a second-hand furniture store or even try looking online. I once stored books in a vacant room and had some of them damaged by water.

LadyCat said...

One can never have too many books. We have so many that I have never even looked at. I will see them on the shelf and say that I need to read that when I have time. I guess I need to make more time : )
Look like great finds at your bookstore. Looking forward to seeing more.

Annie said...

I am firmly of the opinion that one can never have enough books. I also acknowledge that one never has enough bookshelves. LOL