Monday, March 26, 2012


Hello dear readers!

This blog has been through ups and downs and inside outs. And so has my life (and whose hasn't?).

The thing is, I'm finding less and less time to update the many blogs I've had over the years and have decided to consolidate them into one, easy to find place :D

Widdershins and Skeleton Keys is that place and I want you ALL to wander over and join me there. There will still be manor updates, some folk art happenings, writing, cooking, and a whole lot of whatever this brain of mine can conjure up :D

So please, don't let me lose any of you! I value every relationship I've made through my 3 years of blogging. I just want to make it easier on YOU and myself to post, communicate, and enjoy this wonderful, crazy thing we call LIFE.

What are you waiting for? Click on over to Widdershins and Skeleton Keys! You'll be glad you did. I know I will :D

All the best,
Jen, now exclusively @ Widdershins and Skeleton Keys

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