Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Life at the Manor

Bonjour! I won't even pretend to know how long it has been since last I wrote. Honestly, I don't care. We're here, now, and that's all that matters.

The Manor has undergone some dramatic changes. For starters, we're in an entirely different Manor than last you knew. Same lofts, different unit. Of course, around here, it isn't a unit. It is simple The Manor. Capital "T", capital "M". It's more fun that way.

Life has undergone some major changes too. I am no longer working at the dreaded office of technological marvel. No, I am now at The Manor, enrolled in Southern New Hampshire University's Bachelor of Arts program. I shall finish my looooooong overdue degree in English/Creative Writing sometime around the summer of 2013.

Business? Not yet. Still chipping away-still evolving and metamorphosing into what or rather who it is intended to be. I'm fine with that. As the Celts said, "W hen God made time, he made enough of it".

I wanted to stop by for a brief chat this lovely first of December. Christmas is on its merry way and soon The Manor will be lit by fairy lights and smell of cider and pine. My resolve is set and I shall endeavor to serve tea at The Manor as often as I can manage. Three days a week, perhaps? If I can manage more, I shall let you know.

Invitations are always extended. Do drop in! I have missed each and every one of you.

And now, a little pictorial romp through my morning:

This was the last of the pineapple sage and the final, tiny bell pepper of the season. The flower pots are cleaned and will soon become displays for evergreen branches. Those pictures to come...

With cocoa, warm cream and a dash of vanilla, The Norse AND The Force are with me :D

Cheers! Stay warm and happy December.

Jen xo

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