Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On Hold...

Dear readers,

Sagewood Manor has been put on hold while I take some time to breathe, to create art for art's sake and to just BE.

Please join me at my other blog, From Inkstained Hands (the blog formerly known as Woolgatherings).

Thanks for understanding!

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Sarah In Wonderland said...

Oh Jen dearest, it seems like an eternity since I've encountered your beauty. I have just spent hours getting lost in your maze of words - I feel like I've been living inside your lovely head. I'm so sorry for my negligence whilst you have been returning to my blog so sweetly all this time, I really do not deserve you.

I was just reading early comments of yours on my posts, wow, I feel so much older since then though I'm still so young. You are such an inspiration, Jen, thank you for everything. :)