Monday, February 8, 2010


Sometimes I feel my weekends are made for reevaluations and considerations.
Sometimes I feel I may never actually open a shop for these eternal ponderings.
Sometimes I feel I could take on the world!
Sometimes I want to pull the comforter over my head.
Sometimes I dig in, pull weeds, and plant younglings, green eyed wonder with buds already.
Sometimes I find my flowers wilted, weeping and dry as old newsprint.
Sometimes my brush is dipped in red, painting broad strokes of live on skies and clouds.
Sometimes it is vacant, or dredged in stone, chiseling chunks out of the photograph of life.

This weekend I spent some time pondering. Not an uncommon occurrence if you know me well. We meandered up a mountain trail, crossed several shivering creeks while snow dust fell, shaken from shivering clouds. I hugged an ancient tree, clawed my knuckle on balancing limbs, and sloshed over mud paved moss littered paths. Sunday dawned a new life, as all days do, and I found my pen meandering, playing with thoughts again. Tossing balls of light into the air, letting them settle wherever they may. A new vision came forth and I'm enlightened and delighted. Expect some pictures soon.

Tread softly,
The Lady (Jen)


Malisa said...

Awww...enlightenment! I am anxious to see your pictures!

Anne Marie said...

Jen......sometimes, when I read what your soul is's as though I myself wrote it......

I would love to see picts. of that trail hike

Betsy said...

Me,, did you get in my head? LOL!

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

Can't wait! Ancient trees are the best. Love you!

Rebecca said...

What beautiful thoughts you have to share...Ah, yes, the moss dappled paths and ancient tree trunks get me every time, especially ones with knarled tree roots spreading out on top of the ground.

I also love your blog design,especially the header..It's perfect:)