Friday, February 12, 2010

Lessons in the Art of Slow - A Day Late

"my dream is to walk in my own soul's boots"

Do forgive my tardiness! It seems the week has flown away from me and I've been a day behind since Sunday.

This living slow business: it seems the further along I go I meet more and more who are wanting it, craving it. I meet others who are adopting it, experimenting with it. And yet, when I turn the corner, they are not the people before me, the ones I see with my waking eyes.

It's sad, to me, that so many are caught in the web of rushing when really they are trapped. Trapped in a widow's web of always running, never arriving.

I work for a company that trouble shoots technical issues predominately for medical offices. Doctors are necessary, modern medicine (at times) a blessing. But the hassle and the demanding attitudes that accompany these places all fill me with sadness. Important, yes. Reason for panic attack? No. No, no, and again I say no.

A thought has stemmed from these constant occurrences, two actually (possibly more). I suppose it goes along with my pondering from Woolgatherings. If we were all to follow our own path, not the path given, forced, expected, dictated - our own, what would happen? Why the world would stand on its head! The loose change would fall from our pockets into the outstretched hands of the beggars. They were don purple velvet coats and become the philosophers of the age!

Writers would be celebrated for originality and not for revenue. Artists would paint portraits of dog sitters and ballet dancers. Chefs would cook hamburgers, gourmet cheesecakes and caviar encrusted cheese balls. Doctors would have compassion, lawyers would tell the truth, sales clerks would sell with passion. Magicians would walk, their wands would be pencils and words of inspiration would appear under overpasses.

What if we all walked in our calling? If we all shed the pretense of just getting by? Fast food service would be happier and a wait in the ER would be endurable. To operate in our gifts - to live in a world that operated in flow of gift and love for the work of our hands. My soul leaps, dear reader, at the possibilities.

Stay cozy, dear ones,
The Lady of the Manor


Malisa said...

"What if we all walked in our calling?" What a thought provoking question! What a wonderful world that would be! Ahhhhhhh!

Sandra said...

My motto is, "Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." Easy as pie until we try and do it then we have everyone and their brother telling us why "it" can't be done.
Don't listen to them.
It wasn't called "slow living" when I was brought up but that's what it was and that's how I still live. If everyone would, finally, learn "no" is a perfectly good and useful word, this world would be a lot saner place. It would also be a lot more joyful.
I credit the government with a lot of the angst in this ole world. The government is piling too much upon the necks of citizenry and we're becoming bowed with the effect of trying to walk upright and pay the debt.
Just recently, VA legislature voted that everyone over the age of 17 had to wear seat belts. A few years ago, VA legislature voted that everyone had to wear seat belts.
The sad news...they don't even know how asinine, crazy and how doubled up are their laws. Please, let's just give them a salary IF they stay home!
Sorry for the rant, it just sprang forth.

Sarah In Wonderland said...

Jen, those boots are pure love. ♥
You are so dear and positive it makes me feel like crying because I'm in a negative slump of depression half the time. I should try to be more like you, really. :)

I don't know how you manage it because you, too understand the yearning for sweet crumbling book-houses tucked round the corner of a teacup.

I don't know how I would manage without your posts. Your lifestyle is one I so very deeply aspire to. The minute I'm of age ;)

much love,

xxxx ♥

Viva La Fashion said...

those boots are so cute. :D

Duchess of Tea said...

Lady Sagewood so nice to hear from you, I've missed you. Darling thanks so much for your sweet and caring comment. I treasure our friendship and wanted to wish you a lovely weekend and a love filled Valentine’s Day.

Love & Hugs

Sandi Delia said...

Oh Jen,
This was so wonderful. Just what my soul needed to hear on a Saturday morning...candles lit beside me and a pot of tea waiting to be poured. Slow, indeed.

I've often thought that our economy would collapse in a heart beat if all of us woke up one day and said "I'm good enough. I have enough. And I don't need to be anything other than who and what I am." Wouldn't that be an amazing revolution!