Friday, February 19, 2010

It Is Time

Dear hearts,

It has come to my soul's attention that a much needed break is in order. I know I haven't been in the Manor much these past two weeks. My mind is as cluttered as the attic of a hundred year old house. I feel the need to regroup, to de-moth and fling open the shutters.

Winter has taken a toll on me like never before. I usually revel in the greyness of dawn and the whistling, howling wind. But this year -be it the weather or life's challenges- spring is overdue.

I will be unplugging until March 01. It's only a week (plus a weekend). I will be visiting and will comment on the blogs to which I wander.

Have a marvelous weekend, dears, and I pray the snow is thawing and the sun will be shining. I will see you all here at the Manor on March 01.

Exhaustedly, but cheerfully, yours,
The Lady
ps: I will be posting my entry for Mr. Toast's Creative Tuesday, but that will be the only post I make in the next week.


Annette said...

Enjoy your much needed break! =) We'll miss you.

Michelle Gregory said...

i just discovered this second blog. what a lovely place. i can almost taste the tea. have a blessed time off this week.

Sandi Delia said...

Yay you for listening to your soul. Rest, renew, refresh!