Monday, January 4, 2010

Well, well, what HAVE we here?

What's this? A new place. I haven't seen this before and I KNOW I've seen every house on this street? What drew me back here? Oh, the long, winding drive, the Gothic iron gate, the raven perched atop the door.

You're right, the rain is freezing and the fog is too think to venture back out now. I'd love a cup of tea. Earl Grey, please, little cream, little sugar, hold the lemon.

An interesting collection on the mantle. A bust of Athena? A portrait of Emily. Nice, very nice. You have eclectic taste, dear, and I'm delights I got "lost" on the way home.

Thank you...mmmm...the tea is perfect. This chair is deliciously comfortable. Scones? Thank you. And lemon curd. O my! You do know how to treat a stranger.

Oh no, dear traveler, not a stranger, a friend. A long lost friend newly met and dearly missed. Welcome to The Manor. I am thrilled you found your way here. It is a bit off the beaten path but aren't the best places usually? There's more than enough room around the fire and plenty of cups to go around. If they get dirty, we'll just move down, clean one's already laid out. That's it, to the left. Thank you.

An experiment birthed in my over imaginative brain. A world of clockwork owls and steam powered dirigibles. Hot air balloons and locomotives, pocket watches and a universal pause for afternoon tea. The opulent, the bizarre, the hauntingly beautiful, mist shrouded day dreams of a forgotten era that's beginning to creep back into the hearts and souls of those hungry for a more genteel life. A more creative expression of art, science, and innovation.

I'm looking forward to playing mad scientist. I'm overjoyed you're here. Please join me on this crazy joy ride. I plan to be here a long, long time.

Consider Sagewood Manor your home. Whenever you find yourself on a fog laden twilight, lost and cold, weary and alone. It will be there, just down the lane, beyond the Gothic iron gate. No not that one! *shiver* Wrong drive...mine has the roses and thorns shaped out of brass, the tea cups and saucers with clocks dipped inside. Yes, yes, that one. Whew...that was close...

The door is always open, the fire always lit. The candles never extinguish, the kettle never dry. Don't mind the noises you hear from the basement, or the clanging that may trickle down the stairs from the tower. It's just me, working out my imaginations in metal, fabric, paper and clay. From time to time I'll open those doors as well. Please come down the steps or up into the rafters. I'd love to share my projects with you.

The kitchen is well stocked, the pantry over flowing! We'll experiment in there too with baking and concocting. Who knows what will come out those pots and pans?

When this rain clears up, I'll take you out back to the gardens. Yes, the gardens. You didn't see them? Of course not. The moonlight wasn't quite right. You have to catch it on the full, you see, or you'll never find the gate. Day light adds an whole new dimension and the flowers and herbs and creeping thyme are longing to meet you. Here, have a posy for your button hole.
Oh, and don't forget the wooded trails. There's a pond and the row boat the Lady of Shallot left behind. Down the hill, around the bend, is a cottage, my garden shed, my special nook and cranny. It's closed for the season but come spring time, earth simply rejoices in flowers! Oh, and if you're feeling especially adventurous, when you come to the lamp post, take a right. Go on. I know, it looks like a dead end but trust me...

There is a cemetery out there...somewhere. I never can quite find the right path to it. You'll stumble upon, I'm certain. I always do, when I'm not looking.

But for now we'll sit and sip and sup. Tomorrow is another day, after all. Your room has already been turned down, the fire's lit, and a silver carafe of water on the dressing table. Slippers? Of course! And dressing gowns and smoking jackets, though I do ask you light your pipes down here and not in your rooms (the cats don't care for the smoke and they laze about the second and third floors).
Tired? Very well. Come along. Step lively! These old stairs have a tendency to get bored and move. What was that dear? I didn't quite hear you. There you are, make yourself at home. The staff? Oh, don't trouble yourself about them. They love it when guests arrive. Give them something to do. If you need anything, pull that cord and they'll pop in and take care of your every whim. The suit of armor? Yes, it did wave. Go on, wave back! Don't want to be rude.

Good night, dear friend. Sleep well. May your dreams take you into uncharted territory and may the fairies bring you back by sun up.

Oh! I almost forgot! Whatever you do, don't tumble through the mirrors! Mind the cats; they'll try and trip you.
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Kristen Torres-Toro said...


Quoth the raven-ha!

This is perfect!

maría cecilia said...

Hi Jen, wherever you go, I´ll be there... I love the way you write and post so I can´t miss what you do!!
Enjoy this new blog and your bussiness soon opening!! Congratulations!!!
May this year brings realizations to all your dreams!!
Muchos cariños,
Maria Cecilia

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Fabulous header and wish you well in your new venture.
I Adore the C. S. Lewis quote!

Jen Chandler said...

Kristen, I knew you'd get the Poe allusion :)

Maria Cecilia: thank you so much dear! I appreciate the follow and the kind words.

Sandra, I thank you. The header is just an experiment but I will more than likely keep it somewhere on the blog no matter what ends up, up there. Ah, a large book of Lewis, a fireside and some tea...perfect!

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Sagewood Manor is definitely an interesting stop -I can't wait to see what I discover as I wander around.

Duchess of Tea said...

I just love your blog, so unique, good job darling.

Love & Hugs