Thursday, January 21, 2010

Slowing Down, Savoring Life

Slowing down has been of interest to me for several years. As most of you know, I started a blog reflecting this interest a year ago. I recently decided that the study of slow was complimentary to the Manor life I am creating here. Consider Thursdays an open invitation into my studies of this "lost" art and my attempt to revive it. In memory of the blog, I'll call these posts Lessons in the Art of Slow.

I'm learning just as you are to take life one breath at a time, to smell the roses, not just whiz by them on the way to my next engagement. Life isn't about getting somewhere. It's in the getting. The wandering, the walking, the journey, the path, the detours, the getting lost. That's where life is found. And the only way we can hope to catch more than a glimpse of it is to slow down and savor the life we have.

The "slow" movement that has really caught my attention is the Slow Food Movement. It is a wonderful attempt to bring back cultural cuisine, time around the dinner table, and a lunch that is more than gulping air and processed food between phone calls. I'll be spending some time with this, learning, experimenting. I do hope you'll join me! Cook is always looking for new dishes to prepare, new quests to serve. And Lord Beard and I are always on the look out for new recipes. Yes, this Lord and Lady like to cook! We just keep Cook on because we like her, she tells great stories, and makes a killer ganache :)

Here's a couple of sites where you can check out the Slow Food Movement for yourself. In fact, I'm headed to these as soon as I finish posting this!

Enjoy and remember to feast on life at every available moment,

The Lady


Jessica Cangiano said...

I too am trying to actively embrace the slow movement (spanning the spectrum from food to home furnishings, clothing to gift cards), which I find goes wonderfully with my love of vintage for many reasons (such as that embracing a lifestyle based on certain elements of the past automatically goes hand in hand with the slow movement and the desire to buy locally and make your own goods when possible).

Wishing you peace and success in the journey towards slow living,
♥ Jessica

Lin said...

I'm not sure if this counts, but we do Sunday dinner now at our house. I make a one-pot roast with potatoes and onions and some simple side dishes. We make one meal only, enjoying the day relaxing. It's a whole feeling on Sunday that we are aiming for. One that is slow, relaxing and a bit out of the routine.

Jen Chandler said...

There is so much I'm discovering about the "slow" movement. I love it! I adore it! The thought of taking back our lives instead of letting them take us wherever they may is appealing to myself and (I know) many others. Thanks for joining me on my discovery of slow!

That most definitely counts! I think it's wonderful to hear of people initiating Sunday dinner rituals again. We used to go up to my grandmother's house on Sunday afternoons and eat and enjoy the day. My husband and I now fiercly guard our Sundays. They are a day of rest and of relaxation. Good for you!
Have a wonderful weekend :)