Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Skinny on Lord Guthrie

Apparently there's a bit of scandal over at the Guthrie Castle. It seems Lord Guthrie has a history or mental illness. I had dear Lady Guthrie over for tea this morning and inquired about her husband. She dabbed her eyes as she told me ever since his father passed away he's not been the same. It seems the late Lord Guthrie was stricken with madness when his poor father died.

She's afraid her dear Bartholomew is succumbing to the same dreadful madness as his forebearers. I assured Katrina that things like that only happened in dark fairy tales and most certainly could not affect so strong a man as Lord Guthrie.

We had to pause our tea due to Lord Guthrie running through my gardens screaming. He's calmed now, a strong Assam brought him back around. He was unsure as to how he got there but said something about them man in the woods.

"Man in the woods?" I asked him. "As far as I know, there is no one who's property backs up to ours. It is park land, protected. Unless a wayward hiker got lost."

"No, no, dear," Lord Guthrie patted my hand and tut-tutted. "He's there. I've seen him before. In London. He's the reason we moved."

"Oh my," was all Lady Guthrie could say and began dabbing her eyes once more.


Annie said...

"Oh dear", I said, as I dabbed my eyes along with Lady Guthrie and cast a worrisome look in her direction. "Have you considered meds?"

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

Haha! Annie's comment is cracking me up!

I love this story!

Sarah In Wonderland said...
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Sarah In Wonderland said...

Oh Jen, this is all so magical I feel like crying. I've been lost in this beautiful, whimsical world for I don't know how long. :) It is such a warm refuge, I do adore you for weaving it so dexteriously.

Thank you so much for giving your time so generously to this project, it helps me millions to see that there are others who yearn for the same things in life, and who pine for the same bygone eras.


Jen Chandler said...

Annie, you're hilarious! I love it!

Kristen, I'm joining you in laughter :)

Sarah, I'm so glad you've found your way to The Manor :) You are more than welcome any time. I long for a simplier more magical life and I know, somewhere out there, there are others like me. You're one of them. Stay as long as you like!