Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Playing Catch

I know, I've posted this picture before. But I really needed a cup of tea! Indulge me.

Catch up that is. Whew! This weekend got away from me as did yesterday. Things at the Manor are good. Going slowly, but in a way, that's as it should be. I've been experimenting with some transfer printer paper. I bought it several months ago and finally, this past weekend, decided to get it out and have a go.

It's wonderful! I can print any of my own photos or sketches onto it and then iron it on to fabric.
From there, the possibilities are endless! I've made pillows and tea towels so far. They look pretty good. Word of advice: don't try to iron on the print after you've peeled the paper backing off. It lends a nice...um...rustic look to it (read: it melts the print in places and looks like moths attacked it!).

Other than that, I have been feverishly pounding away at the edits of my second book. That has kept me occupied and away from tending to Manor business. No worries. I've learned that as long as I must work outside the Manor, I will have to balance my two loves: Manor tending and writing. Ah, my dream is to camp in the tower all day, creating alternately on paper and craft table.

That sounds like a nice day dream to indulge in, doesn't it? If you only had to work on that which YOU wanted to work on (your soul work), what would you do? What would your day be like? I've outlined this so many times, I could probably tell you by exact timeline what I'd be doing and when I know, life gets in the way,but for just a moment, let's dream together of the perfect weekday.

Would you like cream in your tea? There. Prop those tired feet up. Here's another blanket. I'll get Benson to stoke the fire. It's dreaming time.

The Lady


Annie said...

Printing on fabric is something I've wanted to try for a while. Hope we can see some of your results soon. Have a good evening. My day is just beginning.


maría cecilia said...

Hola Jen, I would love a post about these prints on fabric... I want to see what you´ve been doing!!!!
Maria Cecilia

Betsy said...

I can see why you reposted the picture...it's perfect. I'll take a cup...sugar, no milk. :)

Jen Chandler said...

Annie and Maria Cecilia: I will post some pictures soon. It's so super simple! I'm loving it. I think the company is Avery. There are probably others, but Avery makes an iron-on transfer paper than you just scan an image in (or upload a photo), reverse the image and then print it on the paper. You then iron it onto your fabric! It's wonderful!

Betsy, enjoy your cuppa.