Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From the Workshop

The workshop has been a bit slow so far this year. Perhaps it's the cold, cold weather making me lazy. All I want to do is curl up in the library next to the crackling fire, a steaming cup of tea between my mittened hands and watch the snow fall magically transforming the landscape into a Narnian wonderland.

I do have a few projects that are patiently standing by. Here's a photo I took of a work in progress. Sorry for the quality! I had to use my phone for this one.

I'm experimenting with printing photos on textiles. Quite magical if you ask me. Taking a photo I adore and transferring it to a swatch of material and then turning that fabric into a darling little pillow? Pure bliss!

Three of them are cut and pinned and awaiting my hand stitching! When they're done, I'll post the final product and we can be the final judges on this new art.

Stay warm, dear friends. Pop by when you have a moment. There's Raspberry tea and delicious lemon scones fresh baked. Mrs. Weatherby, the cook, adores baking and is always happiest when there is a crowd to taste her confections (and give her due praise ;).

In other news, Lord Guthrie hasn't been seen in several days. I got a glimpse on Sunday of a cloaked figure running through the back of the Manor land, but that couldn't have been him. Of course not. Lord Guthrie plays Pidwigen at the pub on Sunday afternoons. Then again...whomever it was had his characteristic limp. I should send a telegram to Father Algorium. He's the top Pidwigen player in the village. He'll know if Lord Guthrie was there. I'd contact Lady Guthrie but it appears she to has disappeared. Taken ill and gone to her mother's so I've heard.

The Lady
PS: Welcome to all my new followers! Thank you, dears, for wandering by.

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