Wednesday, January 27, 2010

By the Fireside

How needy I seem today. I'm having a rather disheartening day, dears. I need a plush leather chair by a roaring fire. I need a good cup of strong coffee. Something to get my brain going, something that will fill me with warm energy and force me to focus on the good and not just what is in front of my eyes at the moment.

I need some quiet, maybe a good string quartet album humming in the background. I need the patter of rain on my window sill. I need the sun to come streaming in this afternoon and a walk in the puddles, digging my hands in the cold, rich earth. I could sit and plan a garden, imagining the wonder those seeds and plants will become once the warm, spring sun soaks into their leaves and roots.

I need to build something, get my hands dirty, feel the rust of metal and the splinters of wood. I need the wet delight of clay under my nails, the squish of ink between thumb and forefinger.

Oh, dear readers, how I need to breathe free. I need fresh salt air carried on a sea breeze, smelling like adventure from a thousand years ago. I need the perfume of life to surround me and lift me out of the gloom that has settled.

Have you ever just needed to get away? To board a plane and go somewhere new. A place where everything is different, topsy-turvy. Where the people smile and laugh because you can't speak their language and when you try it comes out all fumbling with a giggle. Where the food, the smells, the very pavement is something to explore, experience. Have you ever just needed to escape to get your thoughts in order?

Do forgive my ramblings. I needed a moment to dream. Have you ever just needed something out of reach? Ah, here's to a brighter tomorrow. Drink deep, dear friends, the tea is, as always, piping hot.

The Lady


Kristen Torres-Toro said...

Lady Friend, I pray peace for you right now.

Anne Marie said...

this post was delicious....i drank every word up Jen......beautiful.......and yes, I can relate 100percent

Betsy said...

I whole heartily agree!

Jen Chandler said...

I say we all take a much needed vacation. Who's with me? :)